Panoramy Polskich Tatr Zachodnich - jesien
Panoramy Polskich Tatr Wysokich - jesien
Panoramy Polskich Tatr Zachodnich - zima
Panoramy Polskich Tatr Wysokich - zima

I'm very proud to present you this collection of the most marvellous panoramas of the Tatra mountain. All of them are made by me during some trips across the mountain. Because of changing faces of Tatra in the course of time of year, I subdivide this collection in autumn and winter panorams hoping to compete ths series in the near future.

a collection of 11 panoramas made by me in September/Oktober 1999 in the western part of Tatra. because of this area is not very high the vegetation levels reach to the peaks of mountains leaving lower partitions flood in al colours of the autumn. so, autumn is probably the best time for mountaineering in thes region of Carpathians.

I visited the High Tatra in the autumn of 1999. it was a very enchanting time there because of the changing of weather between a sunny summer and snowy winter. the hike was accompany of very strong wind, a forerunner of approaching winter time. neverheless is autumn a very good period to go up to most of the tatrian peaks.

Tatra in the winter time? yes, it is an absolutely magic experience. the interaction of sunlight and snow (i mean: a vast amount of snow!) offers unforgettable moments. in this time it is quite difficutlt to reach the most of tatrian peaks. nevertheress, i managed it for you to make some unique pictures of several interesting views. Enjoy it!

No, it's not a joke. I was really there in the beginning of January 2000. I had a little bit luck with the weather and was able to climb up to Rysy, the highest peak of Poland. My partner and me, were first people at this peak in the year 2000! It was marvellous. See the panorama here.

Panoramy Tatrzanskie
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