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Welcome to my mountaineering site!
I'm very glad about your interest about one of the most pictoresque and marvellous parts of Europe: the Tatra mountain. Here you can look around this country and I hope to give you some valuable information and insights into travelling there.

if you have a flash capable version of your browser aud you use a sound card so come in into my interactive welcome page with animations and music from the tatra area.

I provide for you one of the best and most exact (1:25000) maps of the polish side of Tatra. I would like to present you a whole Tatra area, including the beautiful slovakian Tatra, but by now i didn't found a map until 1:50000 - and this is a little bit small for precise alpine arientation.

the main part of this site forms a wide collection of panoramas made by me during several hiking and climbing tours in the Tatra. You will find here also some 360° panoramas, really unique publications!

Do you want to go to the Tatra? Do you need some information about weather, accommodation, security etc.? No problem. Simply use this links to see a live web cam in Zakopane and weather report directly from the tatrian weather station at Kasprowy Wierch. Look a little bit around here, and you will find a lot of useful infos.

1999 I wrote a story about some magic occuremces happened in Tatra. A man discovers a forgotten land which casts a beautiful but dangerous spell on him I wrote it in the German language, so I don't know if you can read it, but if so, I strongly invite you to do it.

strony dla przyjaciól

this page is dedicated to all people I met an my tours in the tatra mountain. some of the pictures sybols a beginning of a great frendship.

Oczywiscie po polsku.

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